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About Sullivan Poultry Group

Sullivan Poultry Group Limited produces and markets table chickens. It serves wholesale and retail processors of fresh chicken. The company is based in London, the United Kingdom. Sullivan Poultry Group Limited operates as a subsidiary of ABNA, Ltd.

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Our short cut starter pellet
ensures a smooth transition from
crumb to pellet, ensuring chicks
maintain feed intakes.


Family Tree

AB Connect is a new business that has been created to connect the businesses of Trident, KW and ABN with the UK food and farming community.

Its vision is to secure a bright future for British food and farming by creating a range of practical and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges that tomorrow’s food and farming community will face.


About AB Agri

 AB Agri is a balanced diversified business operating in many parts of the food chain from plough to plate. The AB Agri Business straddles high performance compound feeds and feed co-products from the food, drink and biofuels industries, feed micro-ingredients, analytical and consultancy services, livestock and poultry marketing.


Broiler Feed Range

ABN’s comprehensive range of broiler feeds and feeding programmes are based on our own fundamental research and the latest scientific knowledge. They are designed to support high levels of cost-effective performance whilst offering the flexibility to meet the varying requirements of different processors and retailers. ABN offer our customers choice; we can provide options including fishmeal, GM or non-GM soya, and feeds formulated for the addition of whole wheat.